Custom Product Artwork

Please make sure that you follow the image size and resolution specifications for the custom product you are ordering. Keep in mind the sizes below are the MAXIMUM size allowed.

File Formats
Love Rugby supports several file formats. We prefer a vector graphic in either FreeHand MX or Corel Draw 13. If you have a more recent version of either of these programs, you will have to save your file down to one of these versions. This gives us the ability to make any necessary color changes to the file. If the file does not need any edits, we can also accept JPG, EPS or PDF. Any edits required will be subject to an additional art charge.

Resolution is what determines if your pictures look chunky or blurry when printed. Resolution is expressed in dots per inch. A computer monitor or standard printer usually displays in less than 100 dpi. So an image at this resolution may look great on your screen or your printer, but may not translate well onto our products. We need an image at the appropriate size as listed below and at a resolution of 300 dpi.

Product Customization Locations

Left chest maximum height of 3.5” (standard team logo location)
Right chest maximum height of 3.5”
Full chest 11” wide x 6” tall
Across shoulders 10” wide x 3” tall
Wearer’s right sleeve 4” x 4”
Wearer’s left sleeve 4” x 4”

Full front 11” x 11”
Left chest 6” x 6”
Across shoulders 10” x 4”
Sleeve print 4” x 4”

Canvas Bags
End panel artwork 11" x 11" Nylon Kit Bags
End panel 9" x 9"

Hats (Caps, Visors, Woolies or Floppy Hats)
Front, Side or Back max 2.25” tall